Safari Tour

Safari Tour

Duration    : Approx. 3, 5 – 4 hours

Start  time : 03 .00 in the afternoon


Your programs start with pick up at your hotel in Pemuteran area in the afternoon around 03.00 PM. Transfer into the heart of the Bali Barat National Park, along the western coast of Prapat Agung peninsula. Largely occupied by monsoon and savanna, Prapat Agung is home to many varieties of Bali Barat species, making this peninsula become the main zone of the Park conservation. It samples several species of vertebrates such as kera hitam (black monkey / Presbytis cristata), kera abu (macaque monkey), menjangan (barking deer / Cervus timorensis), kancil (Trangulus javanicus), babi hutan (wild pig) and kucing hutan (wild cat), Reptile biawak (giant lizard / Varanus salvador) and Aves ayam-hutan hijau (green junglefowl / Gallus varius), eagle and owl also occupy this area. Several endangered floras include sawo kecik (Manilkara kauki), panggal buaya and cendana (Santalum albumto). Then drive to Tegal Bunder to see Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), Sanctuary and breeding program before heading back to your hotel.

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